Hot Air Balloon Rides in Branson and the Ozarks!



Hot Air Balloon Rides in Branson and the Ozarks!

 How long is the flight and how high will we go?

 When and where do we meet?

What should I wear?

The evening before the flight the pilot will be studying the winds and decide on a place to meet and then the pilot and passengers will go together to the launch site.


Dress like you were going on a hike in the woods. No opened toed shoes. It is not any cooler in the balloon than it is on the ground so we suggest dressing for that particular day's weather.


What can I bring along?

Feel free to bring along a camera or camcorder to record this once in a lifetime experience.

Will I be affected if I suffer from motion sickness?

No, As the Hot Air Balloon moves with the wind, there is none of this sensation. A balloon flight is so calm, it is possible to set a glass of water on a table in a balloon and not spill a drop.

The whole experience is around 3 hours with the flight lasting around an hour. We will ascend anywhere from tree tops to a couple of thousand feet. It depends on the wind speed a direction. Once you are airborne the pilot will point out the spectacular sites of this area, our flying area has many wonderful things to see.


Thank you for your interest and I look forward to meeting you!

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